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The Pacific Coast Highway is well known as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Starting from California’s northern border with Oregon and stretching all the way down to San Diego. You’ll see stunning coastal views, seaside villages, untouched forest and make your way through some sunny wine making districts too.


Leave Santa Cruz and an hour later along the curve of the coast you could be in Monterey Bay. A gentle uphill drive from here takes you out to the Big Sur, where the fun really begins.

 Golden Gate Park is a great place to start this epic trip


Los Angeles

santa Cruz

San Luis Obispo

Your Journey starts

To get to the Big Sur you’ll travel over the Bixby Bridge – one of the tallest single span concrete bridges in the world and one of the most photographed bridges on the West Coast. It’s 714 feet long and 280 feet high.

You’ll pass through the town of Oxnard – carry on and you’ll end up right on Ventura Beach in front of the pier.

the bay to la

Malibu is only 15 miles of incredible state beaches and the open road from Ventura. Follow the signs to Point Dume and you’ll find a beautiful sandy beach, headlands, cliffs and rocky coves.


If you are looking to get to Los Angeles a little faster without the great scenery we can take highway 5  

Take an Epic california Road Trip

See what the Golden State has to offer! From the City by the Bay to beachside to the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles.

Big Sur

From San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway you’ll pass the stunning Half Moon Bay.

Soon you’ll find yourself in Santa Cruz. The 60s live on here, especially along the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with its old-school Americana vibe.

Visit the Kodak Theatre, walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, check out the Santa Monica Pier, drive down Sunset Boulevard and stroll down Rodeo Drive.  

Now, if you really want to make your mark on the world you need to hit up Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo. You’ll find a 15-foot high, 70-foot long alley lined with the sticky stuff from passersby. Absolutely disgusting but tourists love it and you can add yours to the collection.