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Ever heard of someone getting pulled out of their car while doing 70 mph down the interstate?  Of course not, because it doesn’t happen. Driving through a rough neighborhood or another situation that has you seriously questioning your safety and the safety of your occupants or cargo?  Put the windows up, lock the doors and don’t stop; it’s that simple. Even five to ten miles an hour makes you a much harder target for a potential assailant.

Rarely, if ever, will you need to use advanced tactical driving skills as a civilian on the streets of the United States. The chances of driving into an ambush, encountering a hostile checkpoint, taking contact from another vehicle, or most other scenarios professionals train for are so low, that they’re most likely not worth training for as an everyday driver.

Personal bodyguards are used for various reasons and at various places, by numerous people. Whatever the reason is for finding bodyguards for hire, we have an elite group of bodyguard protection agents that are ready to come out and fulfill your protection needs.

San Francisco to Los Angelese, our bodyguards  are trained and ready to provide the protective services you’re in need of. Through our bodyguard  and limousine services, you can obtain the best security needed without having to worry about having to spot threats in the immediate area. When you’re in need of bodyguard security, we provide only the most trained professionals in this field to ensure that all our personal bodyguard services are top notch.

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Trained in Tactical Driving

We take our job as seriously as you do.  Security measures are taken to ensure the safety of our VIPs, celebrities, CEOs or anyone that may be exposed to personal risk based on their employment, wealth, associations or geographical location.

When you hire us for executive protection or personal protection, you choose whether our driver is armed or unarmed. Our Executive/Personal Protection drivers are certified Bodyguards and trained in firearm handling and safety, with many being off-duty or retired police officers.

There are three levels to choose from:

Driver – they are unarmed
Security Personnel – they are unarmed and trained in security measures
Certified Bodyguard – they are either armed or unarmed (your choice) and have extensive training in security, protection and firearms training.

Executive protection services are regulated by the State of California and require licensing, insurance, training and a separate concealed carry permit. Da'Trice Bodyguard Service’s executive protection personnel have police officer or military training, therefore alleviating the risk of personal injury and increasing awareness of security based on their knowledge and background.