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My name is Lee Datrice and I’ve been a limousine driver for over 25 years. My family is from Louisiana but I was born and raised here in San Francisco, Ca.
  In growing up in the western addition (the Fillmore) I’ve seen San Francisco in an angle that most people haven’t seen. I’ve been around when you could eat It’s - it on the beach and watch Jimi Hendrix perform at the park. As I grew so did San Francisco, and I’ve seen it all.
  As a driver I can take you where you need to go. I do anything from Napa Valley tours to Airport transfers.

Back in the day when time was good we acted like men and took care of our own. Straight outta Fillmore. We fought, we didn't use guns like punks doing drive-bys. We drove up, got out and dealt with it like men. We could get out of the car and throw down. we didn't shoot everyone up. We was real Gangstaz.

You want to know what gangsters  look like? Look at The Untouchables. We had respect for the law, they we're our friend, not our enemy. We didn't carry guns we were fighters and lovers. We we're resting and dressing we didn't have pants falling off our asses. they could run all over San Francisco to catch us, it wasn't easy we had respect for women we didn't call them bitch and whores, We had respect for people and our city. 

   I used to take the Budweiser girls clubbing out to the city they were my favorite girls. The police and the fire department used to follow me around trying to get a phone number from the girls. I worked with Don Johnson for a year and a half in the TV series called Nash Bridges I even drove a  limo in one of the episodes I work with Johnny Mathis 50th anniversary with KQED public broadcasting station. I drove Barbara Walters doing the Peterson trial.

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Traveling for business and want to drive in style to and from the airport? Then Da'Trice Transportation is perfect for you! Our transportation service offers reliable and timely travel, so you can work in privacy while on the go. Don’t worry about getting where you’re going – we’ll take you to your destination so you can take care of business.

As a business traveler, efficiency is key. Da'Trice Transportation is a reliable and time efficient company that gives business travelers high-class transportation as well as a mobile office to stay on task when time is of the essence.

Some of our high-tech perks include high-speed Internet connectivity, phone conference lines, as well as charging stations. Your gadgets will work without a problem when you ride with Da'Trice Transportation.

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